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The World of 41/ex-Tablers,
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Club 41 is present in more than 45 countries in the World such as Australia - Austria - Bahrain - Belgique - Cyprus – Czech Republic Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Gibraltar - Great Britain - Hungary - India - Iceland - Indian Ocean - Israel - Italy - Kenya - Kuwait - Latvia - Luxembourg - Madagascar - Malta - Morocco - Monaco - Namibia - Nepal - Netherlands - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Roumania - Saoudi Arabia - Sénégal - South Africa - Spain - Sri Lanka - Surinam - Sweden - Switzerland - Uganda - United Arab Emirates - Zambia

There are thus more than 40.000 Members on our Planet, who like to meet at various events, such as cultural, sportive, gastronomic meetings etc…, providing excellent opportunities to share Friendship.

41, Ex-Tablers, Old Tablers Clubs gather together dynamic active and diverse professionals, acting with the ethical respect of everyone's ideas and collective moral values.

All professions are represented.

Any local Club, any Region or Country may initiate Actions, , which contribute to the effulgence of 41, Ex-tablers and Old tablers clubs.

Through these Actions, Members participate generously and humanly, strengthening, in this way, cohesion and Friendship in the Group.

Origins of ROUND TABLE

In 1926, Louis Marchesi, a member of the Norwich Rotary Club of Great Britain, was asked, on the spur of the moment, to give a talk during a statutory meeting. He chose the theme "The feelings one has at the age of 27". it was the beginning of ROUND TABLE.

And, he declared "I am aware that it is difficult to persuade those who are our elder s that I know what I am doing and I know what I am talking about". I know what one feels having to do this or that according to your perception (elders), a view point which appears to you elders as the only possible option, whereas I see things differently.

Louis Marchesi said "What is required is a club for Young men, where those who meet each other may exchange their own ideas, without their elders thrusting their ideas upon them. The young want to be able to think among themselves. The young should have a club, exclusively, to themselves.

This concept, therefore, saw the light of day.

A year later, in 1927, in a speech at the British Industries Fair, suggested that young industrialists and Professional persons should meet around the table, adopt its methods which had a proven past record in the past, adapt them, to modern needs and if possible improve on them. Marchesi's ideas are engraved in stone with the ROUND TABLE motto "ADOPT - ADAPT - IMPROVE.

In 1927, ROUND TABLE was thus born in Norwich (Great Britain). Its symbol was a round table with a solid base. Two years later, The British National Association abandoned it, choosing, in its place, the design of the Arthurian ROUND TABLE in Winchester Cathedral. The 12 black and white segments of the design were formally adopted in 1950.

Although essentially English, the movement was, prior to WWII, extended to Denmark and Sweden. From 1945, Round Table continued its development into Western Europe. According to the rule of Round Table, a member had to leave on reaching the age of 40. The need to continue the experience* of friendship led to the creation of 41 / Ex Tablers / Old Tablers Clubs. The first of these was created in Liverpool in 1936. Thereafter, numerous others followed. Some became known as Ex-Tablers and Old Tablers Clubs, in closer affinity to their origins. In 1945 the official Association of 41 Club was constituted.

Each local, regional or national entity has an initiative to conduct diverse activities which contribute to the effulgence of 41, Ex-Tablers or Old Tablers Clubs. These activities mobilise the participants towards generosity and humanism and reinforces Group cohesion and friendship.

4 Clubs, one vision
Today, four clubs exist with the same value principles of Round Table.